Born in 1979 between the Black Forest and Switzerland, Axel grew up in the most southwestern tip of Germany.

He discovered his love for the audiovisual during his school time and ended up doing a Master’s degree in something called “scenic arts”. What followed were adventures with film makers from all over the world as a director, camera man and producer.

In Bahrain, Axel got familiar with the Middle East. He worked with Talking Pictures for two years, learned to read (but not to speak) Arabic, filmed in the desert and out of helicopters, produced dozens of radio commercials and shot corporate and ad films for major agencies.

Aside from working his ass off, he got to know his future wife. Together, they moved to her home town Mumbai, where Axel worked as a producer for Bang Bang Films, one of India’s biggest TVC production houses. Here, he made TV commercials for clients such as VW, Tata Motors and P&G.

2013 and back to Berlin, Axel joined VICE Media as a director and Senior Producer for branded content. He has directed several branded documentaries and online commercials for clients such as BMW, Audi, Lufthansa, Ray Ban and Jack Daniel’s.

He is now a freelance director and producer who lives in Berlin with his wife, two kids and their imported Indian cat Layla.